Heaven On Earth For All
Of all I know there is one I hold certain
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I suppose I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree nor a brighter life form
Everywhere born free never to be seen amassed as a forest
Within a Bush the old crow rests upon feathered nest
Assuredly father knows best

Below the nuts the rodent squirrel
Branches leaves turn day by day
Another winter sets in … the nuts that got away
Dig in propagating greater density

Another page to the inevitable
Not “IF” and or but in programmed certainty
Inevitable all will be history
But not today for am I not alive?

To whom the query
When all gets scary
Why forsake Me Lord a silent roar
Ricochets of destiny played on Roulette spin

Precision mechanism watch set by
The Human Race gaining pace
The end will come at standing gait
Me thinks stop for Christ sake

Let Me off
Perhaps once, but now believed circular
So round and round
Place of beginning crossed many times

Yet never passed

It is the way of higher learning
Hold on … blast off to finer place
Future promising grace
Okay … signaling ready

Go ahead back up
That was hold on to your seat
Johnny dearest needing to repeat

The passed is behind us to be left in disgrace
Drawing many a stare perhaps equal glare
Not yet focused hemi high sphere below

On cloud nine seven eleven and thirteen

Not likely I suppose never did when there
A thought or two but rare
What’s the point many burning up the joint
In time share

Damned if you do … damned if you don’t
Oh look Spot God, Dick Marry-Janed said to the rest
Caring less knowing well God nothing to do with best
Found heavens gate their way at the crest

No way man not even God higher than we
The majority in wet your pants laughter
Piss on it … this and that the Forrest below
Where always been knew well

Each tree beside self and another
As Jesus and God heard tell
Now the ruffle of countless branches intermingle
First belief as a sane would expect in joyous embrace

Grown tall over the years with wider range point of view
Nearest God got the unadulterated message loud and clear
The Dick’s and all the others the same by any other name
Will soon know the gravity of it all

No matter how massive their stash and poppy seeds
Where to grow and spread their wings
To be clipped for heavenly space
To earth with great haste a love no greater strength pull

It was not known if they had their hearts in it
Just the obvious thing to do … though think not
Excruciating Obtrusive stuff wasn’t their thing
Many intellectual offerings finding way back

Do this do that many followers in fact all
Ipso Facto intercourse as if last
Fuck here Fuck there everywhere heard
From the leaders of the times so the Humanic Gig

But the heads more coherent to reality of things
Ha Ha Ha
With the last laugh still to come
The God damn trees broke the fall

Short fat thin tall good bad and ugly
It was during the ups and downs to this day
Not known which but highly suspect it was the downs
That fell upon Bush that DAY – Dark Abyss Yoke

Old crow resting upon feathered nest not in flight
Nowhere in world a blight not a fight from all in flight
A gathering of wind in guidance to the softest place in town
For all around rather than ground one Bush bird in hand

Fuck last heard, but the Fuck was upon him
All survived but one Bush miracle enough for all
Assuredly there was a God working in mysterious way
And I encourage 4 finally peace on earth perceived achieved in many ways

The charlatan PRICK curtsies, the Bottom Feeder Piranha … we done it
And I no longer supposing secret to my grave
Knowing I will never see a poem as lovely as a tree nor a brighter life form
Up … yes green up even when higher looking down


Right Ya R Lefty >>>
Holy Ultimate Heist

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